Monday, 30 January 2012

Snow is falling, cider is bubbling

Snow is falling but not settling.  The fitness regime continues.  My apple mac seems to be sweeping up new work emails after one more call to the server people.  All is moderately well.  Nice weekend watching some amazing tennis, and on Sunday instead of quaffing a couple of bottles of our cider and falling asleep on the couch in front of the football I actually managed to go for a massive walk around the farm.  We've had a late January mini spike in sales as folks come out of winter hibernation and take advantage of a few special offers in local restaurants and hotels etc.  Nice to see.  I'm off to Morocco in a couple of weeks time to do some more cider networking amongst the surf fraternity.  Surf Berbere is an amazing and cheap guesthouse filled with interesting characters with a Berber tent on the top storey where traditional Tagines are cooked up nightly.  On my last visit I was room sharing with some very impressive Durham graduates who managed to set aside an impressive amount of hours each day to working on a forthcoming project.  I was so inspired I swore there and then to take a laptop on all future trips in order to get some positive Ty Gwyn work done.  Now I'm just waiting for the Amazon man to turn up with Windows for Mac software, a retro neoprene cover and the new Lana Del Ray album...

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