Friday, 29 June 2012

The rain is helping the chances of there being a decent apple crop this year.  This is good, though we need sunshine too for obvious reasons.  We've received some proofs of some Ty Gwyn Cider beer mats so this is another exciting landmark for us.  Some branded pint glasses should be on the way too, though after a great meeting with our friend Nick Phillips landlord of the Bridge in Kentchurch, we've learned that they must be nucleated.  This doesn't mean they are approved for use in the canteen at Sellafield, merely that they have some etching on the bottom inside of the glass which encourages the bubbles in the cider.

In other news I cycled 64 miles last weekend in a sportive held at Eastnor Castle.  I can report that the climb from the plain below Malvern to the very top of the Malvern Hills is a fairly brutal one.  I needed a large amount of cider to recover from that one I can tell you...

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Hi Cider Fans!

Sorry it's been so long, there's no real excuse for not writing except to say that thankfully we've been pretty busy on the cider front with orders pouring in from all four corners of the country.  The Jubilee weekend was a huge success with particularly honourable mentions going to Stedman Brothers Events in Newport who took massive amounts of our cider to the Hay Festival and also to the Ty Coch Inn on the beach at Porthdinllaen in Gwynedd who have been selling so much of our cider that they need individual pallets delivered straight to their cellar door.  A final big shout goes to the Orchard Press Cider Company who have been ordering similarly large amounts to sell to cider-starved Londoners via their excellent stall at Greenwich Market.  We've had a serious enquiry about exporting our cider to the States which I know will be very difficult but if there are potential Ty Gwyn fans there then we'd love to try getting some to them.

We've finished racking off, the secondary malo-lactic fermentation having taken place (speak to my brother Ben about this), and the cider is all ready to go off to our bottling plant in the Forest.  We've held back plenty of vat cider to fill our Bag in Boxes and Mini Kegs which will hopefully sell like hot cakes.  We've got a large number of pubs interested in the Bag in Box cider so we've had some pump clips delivered.  Can't wait to see Ty Gwyn Cider proudly on the bar on a handpump next to the brewing giants of this world...

We had a visit from renowned drinks journalist Pete Brown who seems to like our cider very much and we are looking forward to his book on UK Cider with great anticipation.  We're all signed up for the Abergavenny Food Festival for the fourth year running and we are also going to have a stall at the Monmouthshire Show on the 30th August.  Please check our website for details of more festivals and events over the Summer. 

See you at the bar!