Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Trials of Technology

Well today has been interesting.  I'm not much good with technology but I know when I really want something to work.  I won't bore you with it but I've finally managed to get Outlook Express to link up with our existing mail server in order to send out better emails, newsletters, collate mailing lists etc.  All in the interests of bringing our cider to the widest and most appreciative audience demographic imaginable.  All to a soundtrack of BBC6 music which I discovered how to get when I dusted down my old Hewlett Packard sub woofer and speakers from a cardboard box somewhere.  So I now know who  Growler are and how the new Arctic Monkeys song goes.  When the working day was over I retired to what we call 'the barn', a converted space on the farm with rush matting floor, woodburner and stereo, to do some exercise including pop ups ready for my surf trips this year.  Tomorrow I need to research 'Bag in Box' packaging and the creation of a new flyer...

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