Friday, 6 January 2012

6 Music and Monmouth Rugby Club

so, the melancholy task of dragging the bare Christmas tree to the bonfire completed I turned my attention to ensuring that Ty Gwyn hits the ground in 2012 running.  So I went for a run.  And drank elderflower cordial every night this week.  Probably not the behaviour of your average cider maker, but then I'm probably not... 
Our first proper PC with Excel, Word and Outlook and a scanner and a watnot and wireless to boot has been set up in what used to be called a boot room.  My first task was going through all our handwritten sales record books (wot we keep in the cider shop) and transferring everything to spreadsheets.  This task was made considerably easier by virtue of the fact that I discovered that the computer could access 6 music.  Heaven!  I must fall so squarely into the demographic as to be ridiculous, suffice to say that playing things like early Echo and the Bunnymen and The Jesus and Mary Chain makes me positively look forward to my daily computer based tasks.
Tomorrow should be interesting.  We have been invited to sponsors day at Monmouth Rugby Club on account of the fact that we are proud sponsors and they have our logos on their shirts, a first for us.  We're going to get snapped for the Monmouthshire Beacon, watch a game and then go for a pint at the clubhouse.  Should be fun! 
I've also logged all the festivals we're going to do this year in the diary and sent out a few emails to register interest.  Suffice to say we'll be back at the Abergavenny Food Festival and hopefully the Usk and Monmouth shows and the Welsh Cider and Beer festival in Cardiff.  And plenty more.  Watch this space...

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