Wednesday, 25 January 2012

From the cider office to the mountain bike trail

Having spent two hours on the phone with our very switched on new accountant being given step by step instruction on Sage, a business accounting programme some of you may be familiar with, I was ready for the day to get a little more exciting.  We sold four bottles to three men who weren't quite sure what they would find when they turned off the main road, and I sold a mixed case to the woman from HSBC who is setting up our business account.  I was just getting stuck into some database updating when there outside the office window was our friend Ben who lives up the road and is a mad keen mountain biker.  He asked me if I'd like to join him on the basis that he thought I'd be much more productive after a spirited ride up to the woods above the farm.  In minutes I was in a motley assortment of cycling gear and a luminous football top with a light attached to my helmet like some sort of post-rave miner.  As we cycled off around the farm I smiled at the beauty of being able to do something like this after so long cooped up in London.  Tomorrow I need to prepare a mailout for all our potential new customers but once I've done  that I might go for a run...

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