Thursday, 9 February 2012

Bit cold but all is well

The cider heaters are burning up money quicker than we can make it but that's what it takes to bring the people their lovely golden Ty Gwyn Cider!  It's getting a bit nippy here in the Monnow Valley, around minus two or something at the moment.  Still that didn't stop me nipping out to Porthcawl with the dogs for a bit of a surf, as the charts suddenly came alive for a forty-eight hour period.  I know we're in Wales where people are hardy but it never ceases to amaze me just how many folks are prepared to drop work and head to a beach on the Severn Estuary, to don neoprene in a freezing windblown car park before hurling themselves into a sea with a temperature around the five degrees celsius mark.  Tuesday afternoon must have seen around fifty men and women bobbing around in the line up, including me!  Needless to say, our two dogs Worzel and Pippin absolutely adore it there, splashing around in the waves and making new friends.  I feel very blessed to be within an hour of the Welsh coast and am always happy to dispense what advice I can to those of our cider customers who are also of the surf fraternity...

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