Monday, 26 March 2012

Cider selling well in London and Cheshire

The sun is bringing the cider drinkers out.  The dial in the car read 18.5 degrees today.  We're about to start painting the new wall in the cider shop but need to paint it with sealant first.  Once we've done that we can paint the wall and the floor as part of a total makeover.  We're going to sell some local honey too.  And we found some amazing aluminium re-usable kegs that we reckon the punters are going to love.  The Ty Gwyn Naughty Horsey Mini-keg!

We shipped a half pallet up to London to a company called the Orchard Press Cider Company.  They are a small but highly enthusiastic outfit whose mission is to bring a range of quality craft ciders to London drinkers.  We wish them all the very best and hope to be re-supplying them soon.  Another of our customers who seem to have had a busy time of it cider-wise is the Bull's Head in Mobberley, Cheshire.  They'd only just ordered six cases from us but rang up today to take eight more.  Exciting stuff!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Better weather and planning the JOGLE

Some great weather brought out a number of customers last weekend, the temperature seems to have dropped a bit now though.  Some good orders coming in from the Cheshire area and thirty cases are to be dispatched to London tomorrow, to the Orchard Press Cider Company who operate from a base in Greenwich and attend various specialist markets selling quality cider so we're excited about that.

I'm planning my JOGLE, which to the uninitiated is the John O'Groats to Land's End cycle ride.  What an excuse to pore over maps of the country to my heart's content and to have meetings with the two mates I've persuaded to join me over a bottle of cider or two.  And of course I'll be doing it for a very good cause, more details to follow regarding that.

Tomorrow we're going to commence giving our cider shop a bit of a makeover and a lick of paint.  Folks seem to enjoy the rustic appearance of it so I hope we manage to keep it characterful.

Keep on cidering,


Friday, 2 March 2012

New Customers

Sorry it's been a while, I know many of you are hanging on my every word.  Well, things are shaping up nicely with regard to new customers joining The Ty Gwyn family recently.  Thanks largely to the efforts of my sister in law Steph, we are doing a brisk trade in Cheshire. The Folk Bar in Disbury and the Lime Tree restaurant have recently come on board.  We also sold some cider to the Celtic Vision shop in Narberth and they're going to be attending some festivals in Pembrokeshire and the surrounding area. The lovely Sugar Loaf Vineyard just outside Abergavenny and in the shadow of the legendary mountain have also taken a couple of cases from us.  Finally the Welsh Cider and Perry Association are off up to London to do a St David's Day festival on the South Bank at which they will be selling our cider and we also had a very positive enquiry from the Medcalf Bar and Restaurant in Exmouth Market so things are really moving along quite nicely indeed.  We've also been in discussion with regard to securing our Bag in Box equipment which is pretty exciting.  I've signed up for the Forest of Dean Half Marathon but no I won't be running it in a cider apple costume.  I've also pretty much committed to doing the John O'Groats to Land's End cycle ride so when I'm not selling cider I should be keeping pretty busy this Summer! 

More to follow, as ever...