Tuesday, 17 January 2012

cider marketing causes me to miss great surf but Dave Sharp visits

Well when I left London after approximately twenty years of working as a musician, in retail and in media I can't say I ever expected life in the country to be quite like this.  We are lucky enough to have a very characterful pub near us called the Angel, and thanks to the efforts of a man called Rob, it has some very good music nights.  Playing a while back was one Dave Sharp, formerly of 80s passionate rockers The Alarm, who myself and my brother followed enthusiastically in our youth.  When Dave said he could use a place to crash we were only to happy to suggest that he came back to the cider farm for a few jars of our brew and a jam session.  I'm delighted to say that he returned last weekend for a second time and much merriment was had by all.  Needless to say, apart from the odd question, we don't bother him about 'the old days' so much as we talk about Hank Williams (I happen to have a house brick from his old dwelling in Nashville, Hank's not Dave's), Bruce Springsteen and the price of cider apples amongst many other topics that usually keep us occupied well into the early hours.

In the cold sober light of this week I find myself back on the phone to Microsoft to get help with setting up printer label templates for all the customers I have recently entered into our first Outlook database.  To the total credit of Deepthi, a kind and extremely patient woman on the other end of the phone by tea time today I have two wonderful lists of stickers all ready to go on envelopes bringing news of all our wonderful cidery plans for 2012 and beyond.

Sadly this meant that I took my eyes off of Magic Seaweed.com long enough to miss the fact that it was three foot and clean at Rest Bay but "c'est la vie"

Ciao for now cider folks.  About all three of you!

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