Sunday, 27 November 2011

Italian Love Affair

I'm back in the Monnow Valley after a very promising visit to the La Marche region of Italy where I was shown around by the best imaginable host, my dear friend Naomi who tears around in her Smart car mobile phone constantly pressed to her ear despite my protestations and explanations of the concept of attending a speed awareness course, such as I have recently attended myself after being camera'd on the M4 at Port Talbot on my way to Rest Bay.  Anyway, five days of sublime food and wine later and despite the best efforts of AlItalia to prevent me returning to Blighty, and more specifically Wales, I am back.  The apple press is still set up in the yard and the yearly accounts are better than expected so at the moment all is well.  We've also just heard that our family friend and strong Ty Gwyn supporter Oz Clarke has had a word with some restaurant chains on our behalf so that is also welcome news.  Small bottles of Strongbow were available in Italy so perhaps there is a small glimmer of hope there too.  I certainly hope the Italians take to cider as I would embrace the chance of some business trips there with gusto.  Finally, I have been unable to reply to the comments posted on my blog for some reason so apologies for not replying.  To answer the question posted by Ciderpunk, our cider is available online and in pubs and restaurants throughout Monmouthshire, and also in Waitrose under their 'local produce scheme' in the Abergavenny, Monmouth and Caldicot branches.  More soon...

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